Collect better quality feedback with AI forms.

Effortlessly gather actionable feedback and uncover growth opportunities.

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Collect valuable insights.

Engage in natural conversations with your users, gathering structured data to derive actionable insights for product and service enhancements.

Address users proactively.

Train the AI using your company's data to respond to user questions too, enhancing feedback collection with engaging and natural interactions.

Get feedback, globally.

Formless supports over 120 languages, enabling seamless connection with your users, breaking language barriers to expand your reach and opportunities.

VogelHaus use Formless to gather better user feedback.

Feedback quality is much higher with Formless—it's more conversational, so people dish out richer insights. Zapier integration is great and we managed to automate interview scheduling by seamlessly adding a Calendly link into the conversation. Major time-saver!

Florian Schulte — Co-Founder